photo of pete standing by clifton suspension bridge

NIME'15 Baton Rouge

3rd June 2015 - Have been at the New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference for the last few days. Has been a great selection of projects, papers, demos and performances. Last NIME I went to was NIME'07 in New York, so it's been exciting to see how things have developed over the last eight (!!) years.

Yesterday I demo'd Resonant Bits, going from showing the ideomotor response with pendulum movement, through to the Harmonic Tuner, Tap & Wobble and also TopoTile field recordings. Had some great feedback from everyone!

Download the paper here:

NIME 2015

CHI'15 Seoul

23rd April 2015 - Have been in Seoul this week at CHI 2015 and presented a work-in-progress on TopoTiles, part of the Tangible Memories project.

TEI'15 Stanford

Just attended TEI'15, with a paper and demo on Resonant Bits. More info up here soon when I'm back in Bristol!

Temporal Design Workshop

29th May 2014 - Just back from the Temporal-Design workshop in Edinburgh. Full blog post coming soon on the new website (all to be revealed shortly!).

Tangible Memories

I'm now working on the Tangible Memories project. We're working in a number of care homes, designing ways to capture and play back audio stories around personal possessions. More info to go up on the website soon!

Talk in Kiel

12th July 2013 - Gave a talk in the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design, on my work on the ChronoTape series of projects. Slides for the talk are available here.

CHI 2013

I'll be at CHI 2013 in Paris for the next week. Get in touch if you're there!

TEI 2013

I'm currently at back from the TEI conference in Barcelona. If you've found this page via the conference (or even if not), then head over to the contact page and get in touch!

I've been a bit slow updating this site with information on the "Feelable User Interface" project but information will be appearing here soon! ... in the meantime you could download the work in progress paper.