ex libris ad memoriam

A kiosk of library memories that leads you to hunt for unexpected books. “Ex Libris Ad Memoriam playfully shares quotes from oral history interviews and invites visitors to search for an associated book amongst the shelves of the Arts and Social Sciences library at the University of Bristol” (Stand & Stare)


16×16 is an interactive installation exploring computer-aided creativity through an esoteric audio-visual platform. Typing on a keyboard, a series of novel grid-based music environments can be investigated, with machine-learning generated prompts encouraging creative play. The piece looks at how constraints and meaningful minimalist interaction can foster creativity, focusing on how machine-learning interventions can become a…

art, code and a bowl of fruit

I ran the “Art, Code and a Bowl of Fruit” workshop with Alice Haynes and Dave Webb at Control Shift. The previous iterations of this workshop had all taken place in person, so we had some fun rejigging things to work over a video call. Over the course of two hours the participants went from…

control shift

Control Shift 2nd – 18th October 2020  www.control-shift.network “Three weeks of workshops, discussions, installations and screenings – online and across Bristol, UK – exploring ways to reframe and rethink our relationships with technology.” “We live in a world where machines increasingly collect information about us, reducing our bodies and the things around us to streams…

daily coding challenge

Processing Community Day Tokyo – Daily Coding Challenge

sketching with code

This workshop was developed as a follow on from Processing Community Day back in February. We’ll be running a similar event sometime over summer next year!

generative mustard seed garden

After finding a copy of the Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting in a charity shop, I’ve started playing around with using as inspiration for making some generative art. I’ll be putting the (mostly uncommented and messy) code up on github as I go.

project idea bot

Developed at Schmiede’19 with Jordi and Martin, the Project Idea Bot generates new suggestions for digital art projects.

sketchbook (austria)

While in Austria at Ars Electronica and now Schmiede, I’ve been keeping a sketchbook of ‘coffee-break sketch notes’. By dividing up the page into comic book style panels I’ve found that it’s then easier to sketch just a few very small details rather than trying to draw a whole scene. As well as keeping my…

art, code and a bowl of fruit

As a follow on from Processing Community day Bristol, I ran the event Art, Code and a Bowl of Fruit with Alice Haynes. Over the course of two hours participants were introduced to Processing, developed their own drawing tool and then used it for life drawing. Dave Webb has a great write up of days activities…

autonomous teller machine

‘Autonomous Teller Machine’ (ATM), is a collaboration between myself and artist Lara Luna Bartley, marking ten years since the global financial crisis and bailouts which followed by inviting audiences to reflect on this historic event.

Commons Sense

A collaboration with Becca Rose to design and build the Commons Sense exhibition at Knowle West Media Centre.

Hong Kong Island Generator

A Processing sketch for the generation of Hong Kong islands. Coded on the flight back from ISEA 2016.


Bliptronic3000 was an interactive installation in the Big Blip Digital Arts Festival in 2005. It involves a digital lifeforms that swarmed around their physical robot counterparts generating an ambient electronic soundscape.


Roborigami, a collaboration with Adam Spiers and Coco Sato.


Experiments with ‘Lego-Press’ printing, using a baseboard with flat topped blocks to print onto paper.


Exploration of using line weight to bring out shapes in a repeating pattern.

Triangle Walk

Generative artwork made in Processing. of a triangle unfolding and ‘walking’ around the canvas.


The PETECUBE project was my final year MA project at the University of Brighton in digital media art / design by independent project.