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  • Haptic vest in the news…

    Spotted this article in the New Scientist. I’ve decided as of 2007 to start collecting relevant news clips. This is about the US army trialling the use of a 4×4 tactile display…

  • Gary Marsden

    Lecture by Gary Marsden on Mobile Interaction Design. In particular covering his experience of developing for mobile phones in south Africa.

  • Xmess

    Xmas party SARC style tonight. The concert will include the first annual “amen-break-off” to find out who is king of the amen break.Download my entry here: http://www.petecube.com/blog/music/petes-amen-break-off.mp3

  • Roger Dannenberg

    Saw Professor Roger Dannenberg (Carnegie-Mellon University) give a seminar on “Music understanding by computer”. His research mostly consists of developing methods for score-following, and musical accompaniment. The problem that I had with…

  • Ian Pace

    Watched Ian Pace in the Sonic Lab. Was boring.

  • The Smith Quartet

    Saw the Smith Quartet in the sonic lab.

  • ‘Edge-trimmer’ prototype

    A very very rough prototype of a new instrument which may resemble an edge-trimmer has been made. So far this consists of an ergonomic handle (not a chair-leg!) connected to a magneto-rheological-fluid…

  • Psappha

    Saw Psappha play in the Sonic Lab.

  • Christian Wallumod Ensemble

    Saw the Christian Wallumod Ensemble play in the Sonic Lab.

  • Report Writing

    Have been sorting out a way of writing documents in LaTeX. Have found the best solution (for the Mac) is TeXShop combined with JabRef for compiling a reference database… So far, not…