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  • FFT lecture

    fun with FFT’s FIR’s and IIR’s… May be useful in designing filters for sensors.

  • SARC showcase

    Attended the SARC showcase. Was pretty much entirely electro-acoustic work by PhD people.

  • Meeting with Sile

    Met with Sile to discuss project proposal. Have now got an updated timeline for expected work…

  • Group meeting.

    Discussed group activities. Need to hone research proposal for meeting on wednesday. Also need to look into flights to the enactive conference in montpellier.

  • QUB ensemble

    Went along the QUB ensemble. Managed to get away with playing drums. Will hopefully be using my homemade electronic drums at some point.

  • Reading Group

    Met for reading group. Covered sensory substitution papers. I looked in particular at a paper that compared the use of cutaneous haptic feedback to force feedback in the context of line gradients…

  • Dublin Guitar Quartet

    Watched the dublin guitar quartet perform in the sonic-lab. Included renditions of Reich and Glass.

  • Group meeting

    Met with PhD group. Main outcome of meeting is the decision to create a scrubber-like interface over the next couple of weeks as a group effort. Hopefully this will involve a fair…

  • FFT lecture #3

    Went into greater detail than last week, including aspects such as: spectral leakage, short-time-fourier tranform, windowing, ovelap-and-add, and finally using the Max PFFT object to achieve automated windowing. Assignment this week involves…

  • Pebblebox

    Have been given the pebblebox to set up and play with…