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  • Velosynth!

    This project combines two things I love – synths and bikes. Awesome idea!More info at velosynth.com

  • 45s BeatBearing Demo

    A quick (45 second) BeatBearing demonstration I put together for use in my viva presentation.

  • Carbon Turntable Sequencer

    Liking the look of this turntable sequencer by Daniel Skoglund. There’s some more of his music on his myspace page (“kretsar” has a nice pops’n’clicks ambient vibe).[via: Synthtopia]

  • LuminAR

    An interesting update of the I/O bulb & Luminous Room concept.[via: Make]

  • Rotary Tangible Sequencer

    This is a great project. Sticking magnets on to a baked-ban can allows you to program beats and arpeggios. I was thinking of making a rotary version of the BeatBearing at one…

  • OrbiTone

    Nice large-scale tangible sequencer called the OrbiTone.[via: CreativeApplications]

  • Ultrasound Holography

    Interesting use of ultrasound to add a form of haptic feedback to a holographic display. The raindrop demo looks interesting, shame there doesn’t seem to be any sound!Spotted on: TAT – Mobile…

  • BeatBearing on UTV

    I had an interview on UTV last Thursday where I talked about the BeatBearing project and gave a brief demonstration. You can watch it above, or download it here:Download small version –…

  • Arduino controlled DAC (& 303)

    Robin Price, a colleague in the SARC PhD lab (and co-conspirator in making acid-house & improv) has started a new blog documenting his work. Currently the blog shows his work on making…

  • BeatBearing demo at NordiCHI’08

    .This shows the interactive demo of the BeatBearing at NordiCHI’08. The paper that accompanied the demo can be downloaded from:http://www.sarc.qub.ac.uk/~pbennett/publications.htm Thanks to everyone who played the BeatBearing in the video! (this video…