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  • (41) chiselling

    Group work being similar to chiselling away at the same block. Promoting conversation is the most important outcome of the research artefact.

  • (40) shaky camera

    Shaky Camera idea (Looxcie mis-use…)

  • (35) swansea meeting

    Notes from Swansea meeting.

  • (36) newcastle

    Sketches from the Newcastle meeting.

  • (34) postcard

    Postcard design sketch from the Internet of Things workshop.

  • (33) internet of things

    Internet of Things workshop at the Watershed.

  • (32) masterplan

    First sketch of the triangular overview.

  • (31) trowel target

    Good ‘meeting doodles’ on the left hand page.

  • (30) memory palace

    “Design an awesome memory palace for archaeologists”

  • (29) chisel

    Notes taken during Southampton meeting.