BeatBearing has one million hits

Wow. The BeatBearing video has been chosen as a featured video on YouTube for most of last week, at one point actually ranking as the number one featured video. This has managed to push hits on the video to over one million. Thanks to everyone who’s shown interest in the project! As a lot of the same questions keep being asked I’ve decided to compile a FAQ list:


  • Can I buy the BeatBearing? – Sorry, but there’s only a single prototype at the moment. So not yet.
  • Can you tell me how to make my own? – I’m planning to write a ‘how-to’ article soon. Keep an eye on this blog for further news.
  • Is it fake? – No. It works exactly as it does in the video, albeit with occasionally some bad connections, an example being the cowbell not playing about 50 seconds into the video.
  • Why only 8 beats long? – this is only a prototype to test if the idea works. A fully working version will need at least 16 beats.
  • Can you shoot some more videos? – I’m planning to, but only when I’m less busy with the PhD!

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