Calling all Makers!

The MAKE magazine article showing how to build your own BeatBearing is now out digitally and on the news racks. You can have a look at a digital preview here. Here’s the blurb:

“MAKE Volume 17 goes really old school with the Lost Knowledge issue, featuring projects and articles covering the steampunk scene, makers creating their own alternative Victorian world through modified computers, phones, cars, costumes, and other fantastic creations. Projects will include an elegant Wimshurst Influence Machine, an electrostatic generator built entirely from Home Depot parts, a “Florentine Flask” siphon coffee brewer, and a tea cup-powered Stirling Engine. The section will also cover watchmaking, letterpress, the early multimedia art of William Blake, and other wondrous and lost (or fading) pre-20th century technologies.”

If you or anyone you know ends up making a BeatBearing it would be great to see some photos of the results. I’m trying to gather together as many examples as possible to use as design cases for my PhD thesis. This is a chance for your project to immortalised and documented in the same thesis as the original BeatBearing, so please get in contact with me at: pete [at] petecube [dot] com.
An alternate method is to add your project to the relevant section of the BeatBearing forum. This forum may also be useful for finding tips and revisions to the design. Please post in the forum first before directly emailing me with questions, as this will benefit all other makers with the same problem!

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