‘Stylistic Interactions’ workshop at TWEAK


Myself and Michael Gurevich are running a workshop at the TWEAK interactive art and live electronic music festival. The festival will be held in Limerick running from the 22nd to the 27th of September, and the workshop itself will be on Wednesday the 24th. The workshop will focus on how to use interaction design to create stylistic interactions. Here’s the blurb:

“This workshop explores the creation of stylistic interactions through observation, design and prototyping. The workshop will take place over two sessions, The first session will start with a short talk that will introduce the workshop participants to the concept of stylistic interactions and the practice of interaction design. Participants will then be presented with their first task, which will involve observing and documenting interactions around Limerick. The second session will start with a short primer on rapid prototyping and physical sketching methods. The aim will then be to redesign one of the interaction situations that the participants discovered in the first session, with the aim of creating an interface that allows for greater expression of style.”

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