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  • LuminAR

    An interesting update of the I/O bulb & Luminous Room concept.[via: Make]

  • Two augmented perspective projects

    Two interesting ways of using user-tracking to create a shifting perspective. Great thing is that no 3D glasses are required! [via: CreativeApplications.Net] [via: TAT]

  • AR possibilities

    Augmented (hyper)Reality by Keiichi Matsuda [via: Timo Arnall | Design, media & research]

  • Augmented Reality Thursday

    Two interesting AR posts: Augmented Reality Roundup from PixelSumo ARDJ MIDI tool via AudioLemon I particularly like the LevelHead project shown in the AR roundup. Here’s the video:

  • 2 Projected Augmented Reality Projects

    Two videos of Augmented Reality (AR) projection projects. I’d seen Johnny Lee‘s projects (top video) before, but Marco Tempest’s video is interesting because it shows how the technology can be taken to…