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  • Ars Electronica

    I attended Ars Electronica last weekend, after having last gone there 16 years ago in 2003 (!) as an undergrad. The first time I went really opened my eyes – I was…

  • Fan + Walkman = Turntable

    Nice idea using a few simple and cheap components. More info on the project homepage.

  • pocopoco tangible sequencer

    Interesting tangible sequencer.

  • SimCity style music sequencer

    Have a go here: http://isleoftune.com/ [spotted on CreateDigitalMusic]

  • ball bearing music robot

    Another instrument with ball bearings – this time robotic. Would be great trying to use this as a sequencer. Would make a great actuated BeatBearing!More info on the project homepage. [spotted on…

  • OHP Sequencer

    Always liked the idea of using an overhead projector for a sequencer, glad to see one in action!Project by Blair Neal[via: MAKE]

  • Bounce-Bearing

    Just been tipped off about this flying ball-bearing music machine (thanks Ben!). Would be great to combine this with the BeatBearing somehow, there’s a lot of possible design variations… BEARINGS GLOCKEN is…

  • paper, animation, sound

    Really nice animation where each frame has been printed out on paper. I like the way that the virtual graphics have been made more tangible. Hopefully it won’t be long until e-ink…

  • Luke Vibert

    Saw Luke Vibert at the Black Box.

  • Duo Contour

    Attended a Duo Contour concert in the Sonic Lab. Here’s some blurb from their website: “duo Contour was formed in 1998 by the American percussionist Lee Ferguson and the English trumpeter Stephen…