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  • the Loud Objects

    Saw the Loud Objects on the last night of NIME. Was an impressive performance involving live soldering on an overhead projector. Apparently they only use digital chips, so the whole thing is…

  • Sonorities

    Have managed to avoid all PhD for an entire week by attending almost every possible event in the Sonorities Festival held in SARC from the 20th-25th. Will update the blog with any…

  • JDTJDJ :: Wasted Music, Abundant Sonorities

    Watched Tom and Jason perform in the Sonic-Lab. Comprised of improvised music created using their ‘risky-improv’ techniques which involves live circuit bending and programming.

  • Jan Trutzschler

    Attended an electoacoustic showcase in the Sonic Lab. The blurb and playlist is below. Sergio Luque’s ‘dirty’ electroacoustic sound was good to hear, compared to the usual quieter electroacoustic fare. Blurb:Sound Artist,…

  • Panchanan Sardar

    Saw a performance by Panchanan Sardar on Sitar with accompanying Tablas. Was an amazing performance, definitely going to consider dropping digital music in favour of real instuments! He also had a Q&A…

  • record spinning interface

    Just started a prototype of a new interface. A ‘Shake’ device containing accelerometers, magnetometers, bluetooth and capacitive sensors is strapped to the center of a 10″ record, allowing the user to perform…

  • Xmess

    Xmas party SARC style tonight. The concert will include the first annual “amen-break-off” to find out who is king of the amen break.Download my entry here: http://www.petecube.com/blog/music/petes-amen-break-off.mp3

  • Ian Pace

    Watched Ian Pace in the Sonic Lab. Was boring.

  • Psappha

    Saw Psappha play in the Sonic Lab.

  • Christian Wallumod Ensemble

    Saw the Christian Wallumod Ensemble play in the Sonic Lab.