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  • HapKit Virtual Drum

    Have finally uploaded some old project videos to youtube. Shown below is the HapKit virtual drum project.

  • BeatBearing video

    A video of the latest version of the BeatBearing:

  • Better photo of the BeatBearing

  • BeatBearing

    The first full-size BeatBearing body has been machined in the Engineering Workshop (Many thanks to Jim Knox and David Magill). Now just need to wire it up to an Arduino.The photo above…

  • beatbearing CAD design

    Have finished the CAD design for the new beatbearing prototype.

  • horizontal display

    Have tried out the prototype beatbearing software on the horizontal flat-screen CRT monitor. The transparent block will be placed on top of this allowing the visuals to show through.

  • BeatBearing 3D model

    Have created a simple 3D model of a possible prototype. The aim is to be able to create a model in cinema4D and then export it to solidworks so that it can…

  • ‘Edge-trimmer’ prototype

    A very very rough prototype of a new instrument which may resemble an edge-trimmer has been made. So far this consists of an ergonomic handle (not a chair-leg!) connected to a magneto-rheological-fluid…