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  • Talk by Marcelo Wanderley

    Attended a talk by Marcelo Wanderley on the subject of Digital Musical Instruments. Click on the image below to read the full blurb.

  • Joan La Barbara

    Attended the Joan La Barbara Seminar and the Ne(x)tWorks Trio performance. One of the stand-out pieces in the concert was “Solo for Mbira” written and performed by Miguel Frasconi, in which (perhaps…

  • Luke Vibert

    Saw Luke Vibert at the Black Box.

  • Seminar by Professor Marc Leman

    Attended a seminar by Professor Marc Leman of Ghent University on “Social embodied music cognition”. The main hypothesis of the talk is that “the human body is a biologically designed mediator which…

  • D.A.T.A #27 at the Dublin Science Gallery

    Attended the 27th Dublin Arts and Technology Association (D.A.T.A.) meeting at Dublin’s brand new Science Gallery.

  • Mathew Adkins Performance

    Listened to Mathew Adkins perform four electro-acoustic works in the Sonic Lab: Silk to Steel Vistas Pt1: Aerial Cortex five panels no1 Cortex had an accompanying video by Mike Almond. The combination…

  • Atau Tanaka

    Attended a talk/performance by Atau Tanaka in SARC’s sonic-lab. Atau uses the biomuse sensor system to perform music by tensing muscles in his arms.

  • Dan Deacon

    Saw Dan Deacon play at Crawdaddy’s in Dublin… Strobing skulls and mayhem ensued.

  • Jan Trutzschler

    Attended an electoacoustic showcase in the Sonic Lab. The blurb and playlist is below. Sergio Luque’s ‘dirty’ electroacoustic sound was good to hear, compared to the usual quieter electroacoustic fare. Blurb:Sound Artist,…

  • Vincent Hayward

    Vincent Hayward visited SARC to give a seminar on his work “New Methods for the Controlled Delivery of Specific Tactile Stimuli”. He talked about the novel haptic interfaces that are being developed…