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  • pocopoco tangible sequencer

    Interesting tangible sequencer.

  • Old Sequencer

    An early computer sequencer. Starts with a bit of Bach, but gets quite chip-tune towards the end.

  • SimCity style music sequencer

    Have a go here: http://isleoftune.com/ [spotted on CreateDigitalMusic]

  • Robin’s Euclidean Sequencer

    Roll up, roll up, get your Euclidean Sequencers over here. This is Robin’s new version of his Euclidean MIDI Sequencer… (note, Max4Live is required!)

  • Book of Stamps

    The “Book of Stamps” is a travel guide between sonic landscapes fromcities to urban cultures. The sheets of the book provide a recordingsurface and the ink stamps provide the ability to place…

  • OHP Sequencer

    Always liked the idea of using an overhead projector for a sequencer, glad to see one in action!Project by Blair Neal[via: MAKE]

  • Rotary Tangible Sequencer

    This is a great project. Sticking magnets on to a baked-ban can allows you to program beats and arpeggios. I was thinking of making a rotary version of the BeatBearing at one…

  • OrbiTone

    Nice large-scale tangible sequencer called the OrbiTone.[via: CreativeApplications]

  • new C3Loops website

    Rikard Lindell, creator of C3Loops has put up a new website with details of his C3Loops system here:http://www.mrtc.mdh.se/projects/c3/ A video of C3Loops in action is shown above, and here’s some blurb on…

  • Graphite Sequencer

    An interesting sequencer project by Caleb Coppock that uses the resistance of a graphite drawing to generate tones.