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  • SimCity style music sequencer

    Have a go here: http://isleoftune.com/ [spotted on CreateDigitalMusic]

  • iProcessing

    Yesterday I posted about a MaxMSP-iPhone bridge, now it seems you can run Processing applications on the iPhone too…more info here: http://luckybite.com/iprocessing/ [via: Interaction Design Umeå]

  • MaxMSP-iPhone bridge

    This looks like an interesting app. Wonder if it works inside of MaxForLive?[via: CreativeApplications.Net]

  • horizontal display

    Have tried out the prototype beatbearing software on the horizontal flat-screen CRT monitor. The transparent block will be placed on top of this allowing the visuals to show through.

  • beatbearing software

    Have started working on the BeatBearing software while waiting for the hardware to be produced. Currently I’m using Processing, as it allows quick prototypes to be made. The program will run full…