Pete Bennett is a designer, musician, academic, artist and creative technologist and is always on the lookout for a project that combines all of these at the same time.

You’ll find him creating physical games for gorillas, designing interactive beer bottles, collaborating with composers and chemists to sonify the sound of molecular interaction with a string quartet, putting tiny digital instructions in Lego blocks, wandering around the Bristol Museum with a post-truth museum guide, or maybe even exploring the concept of the musical selfie.

Pete spends half of his time lecturing in Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Bristol and the other half as a resident of the Pervasive Media Studio. The third half of his time he spends making, performing and playing music (Sound Cupboard / Muzak Concrète), balancing or falling off of things (surf / skate / climbing / acro) and meeting up with like-minded people for extracurricular projects (€3 synth club / Art Code Bristol / Bristol Patching Circle).

Want to build new things? Pete is an experienced creative technologist and can help you build your project, art installation or prototype. He specialises in early stage design prototypes.

Working on a new design? Don’t yet have an idea of what to build? Getting stuck with project ideas and need to innovate? Pete can help with design thinking led workshops using an array of custom tools (design dice / cards / chance).

Want to do research? Are you doing academic research? Let’s collaborate on a project! Interdisciplinary project suggestions are highly encouraged.

None of the above apply? Get in touch anyway!

p e t e @ p e t e i n f o . c o m