I enjoy exploring simple geometric designs using procedural and generative methods. In particular I like to explore how to  play the part of the computer, putting myself ‘in the loop’ as part of the algorithm.

Autonomous Teller Machine

‘Autonomous Teller Machine’ (ATM), is a collaboration between myself and artist Lara Luna Bartley, marking ten years since the global financial crisis and bailouts which followed by inviting audiences to reflect on this historic event.

Commons Sense

A collaboration with Becca Rose to design and build the Commons Sense exhibition at Knowle West Media Centre.

Hong Kong Island Generator

A Processing sketch for the generation of Hong Kong islands. Coded on the flight back from ISEA 2016.


Bliptronic3000 was an interactive installation in the Big Blip Digital Arts Festival in 2005. It involves a digital lifeforms that swarmed around their physical robot counterparts generating an ambient electronic soundscape.


Roborigami, a collaboration with Adam Spiers and Coco Sato.


Experiments with ‘Lego-Press’ printing, using a baseboard with flat topped blocks to print onto paper.


Exploration of using line weight to bring out shapes in a repeating pattern.

Triangle Walk

Generative artwork made in Processing. of a triangle unfolding and ‘walking’ around the canvas.


The PETECUBE project was my final year MA project at the University of Brighton in digital media art / design by independent project.