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  • Metastable Impressions – Project Report

    Our project report is now up on the Jean Golding Institute’s blog: jeangoldinginstitute.blogs.bristol.ac.uk/…/metastable-impressions This project was funded by the annual Jean Golding Institute seed corn funding scheme. The JGI funded project “Metastable…

  • Gorilla Game Lab article published in Frontiers

    “High-Tech and Tactile: Cognitive Enrichment for Zoo-Housed Gorillas” Fay E. Clark, Stuart I. Gray, Peter Bennett, Lucy J. Mason, and Katy V. Burgess Our article on the Gorilla Game Lab research has been published in Frontiers in…

  • Watson, Ridley, Bennett

    Playing a gig this Thursday at Cafe Kino. Will involve double modular synth and guitar. Full details here.

  • Commons Sense exhibition

    Had the opening of the Commons Sense exhibition last night at Knowle West Media Centre. The project was a collaboration with Becca Rose Glowacki, and involved designing a show that illustrates the…

  • Green Man Festival

    Looking forward to running the ‘Conductive Creations’ workshop in collaboration with Mado from Novalia this weekend in Einstein’s Garden. If you’re at Green Man festival visit Einstein’s Garden workshop area from midday…

  • Show Us Your City

    Our project “Show us your city” has been shortlisted for Playable Cities Oxford. Would be great to hear your comments of the proposal over here: Show Us Your City

  • Toot & Play Showcase

    We showcased Toot & Play at the Brigstow opening last night. Here’s a few snaps from the evening.

  • Toot & Play Research

    Spent a productive day in the  working on Toot & Play with James and Kai.

  • Unfixed 2.0

    Giving a talk on Resonant Bits tomorrow as part of Unfixed 2.0 in the Pervasive Media Studio. Slides available as html (with video) or pdf

  • InstructiBlocks

    Currently working with Lego on the InstructiBlocks project. Placing ambiguous instructions inside Lego with RFID tags.