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  • Gary Marsden

    Lecture by Gary Marsden on Mobile Interaction Design. In particular covering his experience of developing for mobile phones in south Africa.

  • Xmess

    Xmas party SARC style tonight. The concert will include the first annual “amen-break-off” to find out who is king of the amen break.Download my entry here: http://www.petecube.com/blog/music/petes-amen-break-off.mp3

  • Roger Dannenberg

    Saw Professor Roger Dannenberg (Carnegie-Mellon University) give a seminar on “Music understanding by computer”. His research mostly consists of developing methods for score-following, and musical accompaniment. The problem that I had with…

  • Ian Pace

    Watched Ian Pace in the Sonic Lab. Was boring.

  • The Smith Quartet

    Saw the Smith Quartet in the sonic lab.

  • ‘Edge-trimmer’ prototype

    A very very rough prototype of a new instrument which may resemble an edge-trimmer has been made. So far this consists of an ergonomic handle (not a chair-leg!) connected to a magneto-rheological-fluid…

  • Psappha

    Saw Psappha play in the Sonic Lab.

  • Christian Wallumod Ensemble

    Saw the Christian Wallumod Ensemble play in the Sonic Lab.

  • Report Writing

    Have been sorting out a way of writing documents in LaTeX. Have found the best solution (for the Mac) is TeXShop combined with JabRef for compiling a reference database… So far, not…

  • Rajmil Fischman

    Attended a seminar given by Rajmail Fischman entitled “Real & Virtual Landscapes in Electroacoustic Music”. He talked about the use of mimetic vs artificial sound in electroacoustic composition, and backed this up…