This is the Emotoscope, made by Kenichi Okada. In his own words:

Emotoscope is a device that gives you an experience of missing time.

Recent digital recording devices such as digital cameras or video cameras make it possible for us to take thousands of pictures or videos with high quality image, but as much as it becomes convenient, we are losing the opportunity of looking at things more carefully.

For this reason, I sometimes use an analog film camera to shoot my everyday life and play the films with a projector. Every time I watch film, it gives me nostalgic and emotional feelings. Then I start to miss the moment that I was there. The experiences become very precious to me. Why couldn’t I see that the moment was precious to me? If I can see present time as if seeing past experience, how would I feel by that?

It is this engagement on the emotional level that I would like to explore further in my own designs of new musical instruments. Perhaps one way would be to superimpose record crackle and hum on top of day to day sounds?

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