ambient cafe

An afternoon of ambient music and live performances, every 1st Saturday of the month at Friendly Records. An offshoot of our show Muzak Concrète on Noods Radio, this is organised by Ben Smallwood (Muzak Concrète) and Nick Janaway (Zero Hertz). Please call by and let me know if you’re interested in playing!    

hidden construct

Four distant shores glimpsed through a shimmering ambient haze. Low resolution landscapes emerging from the static waves. A slowly unfolding exercise in taking a single theme and realising it using different combinations of modular synthesiser, Pure Data and OP-1.

absurd instruments

Pool noodle improv scores, kazoo-to-text and spraycan-shakers.

muzak concrète

Muzak Concrète is a radio show on Noods Radio that I record with Ben Smallwood. Synth soundscapes, field recordings, new-age cosmic vibrations, intricate wallpaper muzak, ambient and ambience. We also have started running as a label on Bandcamp, releasing music from friends featuring on the Noods show. Have a listen here: Muzak Concrète

Subluxation V

Eye watering visuals and squiggly synth lines.

The Sound Cupboard

I played for many years with the group “Domestic Sound Cupboard”. We were the house band for The Sound Cupboard, a night of live improv music, which was held on the last Wednesday of every month at The Crofters Rights.


  • 27th Nov 2019 The Sound Cupboard, Crofters Rights, with Kathy Hinde, Laura Phillips & Mark Vernon
  • 30th Oct 2019 The Sound Cupboard, Crofters Rights with The Pheasantry Society and Deborah
  • 25th Sept 2019 The Sound Cupboard, Crofters Rights with TAPSEW and SALAC
  • 29th May 2019 The Sound Cupboard, Crofters Rights, 8pm
  • 2nd May 2019 Isaac Jones // Tom Ridley – Pete Bennett – Steve Watson // Harry Furniss & friends, Cafe Kino, 8pm [details]
  • 24th April 2019 The Sound Cupboard, Crofters Rights, 8pm