Metastable Impressions – Project Report

Our project report is now up on the Jean Golding Institute’s blog:…/metastable-impressions

This project was funded by the annual Jean Golding Institute seed corn funding scheme.

The JGI funded project “Metastable impressions” sought to bring together statistical modelling, sound engineering, classical composition and deep learning to create an audio-visual art work about the dynamics of proteins and their representations. The project grew out of work by PhD candidates Alex Jones and Rob Arbon (supervised by Dr Dave Glowacki) called ‘Sonifying Stochastic Walks on Biomolecular Energy Landscapes’. See also blog

The project team was comprised of Dr Pete Bennett (project supervisor), Alex Jones (sonification), Rob Arbon (animations and statistical modelling) and Dr George Holloway (composition).  We shall first give a more detailed overview of the project and then hear from Rob, George and Pete about their specific contributions and thoughts on the project.

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