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  • Mathew Adkins Performance

    Listened to Mathew Adkins perform four electro-acoustic works in the Sonic Lab: Silk to Steel Vistas Pt1: Aerial Cortex five panels no1 Cortex had an accompanying video by Mike Almond. The combination…

  • Atau Tanaka

    Attended a talk/performance by Atau Tanaka in SARC’s sonic-lab. Atau uses the biomuse sensor system to perform music by tensing muscles in his arms.

  • Open-Jack at Catalyst

    Played the Oscillator and Kaoss pad at the Open-Jack night at the Catalyst Arts Centre. This night was organised as part of the FIX performance art festival.

  • Olivier Touche’s Ultrasound Project

    This video shows Olivier Touche’s Ultrasound scan project as performed in the Sonic Lab.

  • eNTERFACE workshops

    A video of Miguel Perez and Ben Knapp (from SARC) giving a performance at this years eNTERFACE workshop in Istanbul. Miguel controls the music through the use of bioelectric sensors placed on…

  • PETECUBE’s played live.

    The PETECUBE instruments made their debut improv performance at the second ‘open-jack’ night of the Sonorities festival.