Panchanan Sardar

Saw a performance by Panchanan Sardar on Sitar with accompanying Tablas. Was an amazing performance, definitely going to consider dropping digital music in favour of real instuments! He also had a Q&A session after in which he played a couple of traditional Irish songs, which worked surprisingly well on Sitar. His explanation of the Raga was interesting, he used the metaphor of learning a Raga being like a scholar learning a body of work. Each Raga performance is then similar to an essay by the scholar, where the same body of learning is presented, but it is never exactly the same, much in the way that no essay is the same.

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October 17, 2007 at 2:13 am

Panchanan Sardar taught Sitar to my daughter Natasha in the late 80s. I need to establish contact with him and will be grateful for any lead that you can give. Please feel free to forward my email to him. I now live in Poland He will remember. Many thanks. Prabhat Kapil Phones Mobile 00 48 66 11 0 72 18 Telfax 00 48 22 654 46 85

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