QUBE concert

Played with QUBE in SARC’s Sonic Lab. My musical setup for this gig was Casiotone MT-100 and Kaoss pad. Among the pieces played were ‘Activities’ by Justin Yang which involved improvisation to a graphic score and also an interpretation of one of Mark Applebaum’s stopwatch scores. Below is also a video of the last QUBE performance (as far as I know this one wasn’t recorded, if anyone else knows otherwise, then please let me know!). Here’s the blurb:

Tuersday 11th March 2008, 5pm Sonic Lab
Admission Free

Led by Steve Davis and Pedro Rebelo, the QUBensemble (QUBe) is a forum for improvisation, conduction and new music involving students and staff within the school. QUBe brings together performers from a variety of artistic backgrounds to develop performances which explore ensemble interaction, audio-visuals, open scores, and free improvisation. The performance will include works by Justin Yang, Mark Applebaum and Steve Davis.

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