about me

Pete Bennett

Pete is a designer, musician, academic, artist and creative technologist and is always on the lookout for a project that combines all of these at the same time.

You’ll find him creating physical games for gorillas, designing interactive beer bottles, collaborating with composers and chemists to sonify the sound of molecular interaction with a string quartet, putting tiny digital instructions in Lego blocks, wandering around the Bristol Museum with a post-truth museum guide, or maybe even exploring the concept of the musical selfie.

Lecturing + Research

I’m a lecturer in the University of Bristol’s Computer Science department, co-running the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Interactive Devices modules. I’m a member of the Bristol Interaction Group which specialises in HCI research. I’m interested in researching novel tangible ways of interacting with digital devices, covering areas from musical instrument design, developing games for gorillas through to calm, subtle interaction with slow technology.

Music + Sounds

This section is COMING SOON :-)

- Performance

- Recording

- Instruments

Art + Design

This section is COMING SOON :-)

- PM Studio

- Generative art